Nowadays all the work in every sector is done on the system. Due to this, the usage of the technique is increased day by day and it leads to an increase in the issue with the technique. One of the major issues occurs in these traits is the IT Technical issue. This issue is one of the major issues occur at every place where the employee works on the system.
The basic role of a Technical Support Specialist within an organization is to provide assistance and maintenance to all computer systems and hardware. The IT technician who monitors and maintains the computer systems and networks of an organization. IT Technical Support provides technical assistance and support to employees who face these IT technical issues on a daily basis.
As we all know that all the big companies nowadays use the latest techniques in order to provide the service to the users, As long as they use specialized software or hardware they need it technical staff or its technical support team to gets the resolution from the issue occur using the techniques. Some of the big companies like financial institutes, top hotels and some of the govt. organization hires the well educates IT technical support team in this regard.


  • Check all the status of the software and hardware.
  • Providing technical assistance to the system by checking all the configuration, installation, and updating of the software and hardware.
  • Arrange and maintain the instruction of the issue which arises from the online data and website.
  • Log bugs and enhancement requests.
  • Redirecting Problems to Appropriate Resources.

These are some major roles of it technician which they are providing to the company on the daily basis expect from this issue the IT Technician will aware from the latest technology and software which uses in the market so that they will providing the maximum benefit to the company in the lesser time period. Apart from these daily bases works the IT Technician will do some of the major work in the company which is as follow:-

Primary Responsibilities of the IT Technician

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of common tasks Technical Support Specialists are expected to complete.

  • Installing and configuring new technology
  • Giving regular maintenance to existing hardware and computer systems.
  • Understanding the issue and its cause and according to that solve the issue.
  • Troubleshooting systems and applications.
  • Testing, assessing, and learning about updates and new technology.


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